me + you = double pink lines


Well I did it….

I did panic for a few seconds… can I say that?  Can I admit that I stopped breathing staring at the word “PREGNANT” on the test?  Well, I did.  So did I face my fear?  Well I didn’t pass out or cry.   I gracefully ran into the bedroom and threw the test in my (sleeping) husbands face.  Poor guy.  I know I peed on it… but I didn’t have anything to say in a moment like that so I just let him process it all on his own.

Now this girl, is taking things very slowly.  Things aren’t sinking in yet.  I’ll probably take about 5 more tests throughout the day just to make sure life isn’t playing a trick on me.  I’ve anticipated this moment for so long that I feel like I may be dreaming.  My husband on the other hand… he’s jumped all in, head first.  He’s planning out baby announcements and starting a daddy to do list.  That smile on his face might not leave for the next 9 months.  It’s quite endearing.

So now that we have officially begun the process of expanding our family what’s the next step?  What does that mean for us?  Well we are expecting in 2014 so I will be a new mom at the age of 26 and my husband will be just about to turn 27.  Not bad right?  Certainly not the 24 I was hoping for but 2 years behind in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t something to get upset over.    Really I sound silly even telling myself I’m behind when it comes to making another human being.

But in this moment, I’ve already learned something.  The bad jobs, the amount of student loan debt, the days when I spent more minutes crying than smiling, none of it is going to matter anymore.  What does matter?  The fact that I have a home with a full fridge, a group of people I can call family, and a beautiful future with my husband and the child we’re having.

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